What is Gay You've Pulled Phone Chat?

Gay You've Pulled phone chat is a fun and easy to use chatline for genuine callers from all over the UK. Just call into the service using one of our access numbers and you'll be able to record your own profile message, swap messages with callers on the line, have a live 1-2-1 conversation with users, upload and download MMS images, and set up your own personal mailbox.

How do I Call Gay You've Pulled Phone Chat?

There are two ways to access the service;

  1. Call the 0872 number advertised from your landline or phone.
  2. Call the credit card 0800 or 0207 access number. You can then follow the instructions to set up a secure phone account with your credit card. This will allow you to use the service at a cheaper rate. See below for charges.

How much does phone chat cost?

Calling our 0872 number will cost you 13 pence per minute from a BT landline. Unfortunately, other network operators may charge more for the call. Mobile operators will charge more to call a 0872 number so you should always check with your provider to get the exact charge.

The cheapest way to call our service is to set up a credit card account.

Use 0800 freefone number or the 0207 number from your mobile.

Chat for only 6p per minute within this introductory offer!

  • Open an account for £10 and we'll give you 170 minutes of talk time - that's just 6ppm!!
  • Further top-ups of £10 will buy 56 minutes of talk time
  • Top-ups can be done in units of £10, £20 or £30
  • Access the service on a freephone number
  • Safe and secure set up

Is there an age requirement?

You must be 18 years of age or older to call this phone chat service.

Can I remain Anonymous?

At this stage contact details such as telephone numbers and addresses are disallowed, nor will we disclose any mobile numbers to any other members, so you can remain completely anonymous if you wish. All interaction on the phone chat service is one-to-one.

Is this service moderated?

Yes this service is fully moderated by our customer service team. All introductory messages are moderated and live 121 conversations are recorded as per PhonepayPlus guidelines. You also have the option on the service to bar callers from contacting you and referring any messages or users to our customer service team.

Are all the callers' genuine people or do you use operators on the service?

All callers are real people just like you. We do not use operators on our service and we are proud that we can bring a service that is 100% genuine.

Can I call your service from abroad?

Yes you can if you use Skype. You can not dial the numbers directly from your phone if you are outside of the UK.

Is the live feed for caller's online real?

Yes it is and shows an accurate amount of callers on the line right now. We get a live feed from the phone service so you'll be surprised to find so many callers chatting all hours of the day.

Can I submit a picture on the service?

You will be able to submit a picture of yourself via a MMS message. Please note that all pictures are moderated. Please follow the instruction on the service menu which will explain how to upload or download an image.

What restrictions are there on the service?

As stated earlier, you must be 18 years or older. There are a strict set of industry guidelines that disallow the transmission of content such as foul language, racial slurs etc. The service moderates phone chat and any messages that breach the guidelines will be returned to the sender with a request for re-composition. The sender will be warned of the consequences of future digressions. Repeat offenders will have their membership terminated and their phone number will be barred from further activity on the service.

How do I stop and cancel the service?

Simply disconnect the call. You can call back into the service at any time as it runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What if I need help or I am unhappy with the phone chat service?

If you experience any problems or are unhappy with the service then please email us or call our helpdesk on +443303338761.